Los hoteles con más lujo de Venezuela

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  1. Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita

    61 points

    The Hesperia chain, that belongs to the NH group, is a benchmark for resort hotels. The Hesperia hotels

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    are usually located in privileged surroundings of the different cities, offering guests contemporary accommodation and great service . These establishments are ideal for combining relaxation with leisure choice. They are also perfect for holding any kind of event. The hotel Hesperia Madrid is one of the flagships of the chain. This fantastic hotel is located in the heart of the capital Madrid, on the Paseo de la Castellana with easy access to major tourist and cultural attractions of the city. The work of renowned designers Pascua Ortega , Mercedes González López de Carrizosa and Erico Navazo has resulted in an unparalleled aesthetic with unique cosmopolitan style. Modern interior spaces merge seamlessly with the classic style of the rooms. Its rooms are ideal for all kinds of events. Stresses the Santceloni restaurant. http://www.hesperia.es/

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