La meilleure université au Maroc.

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    • Mohamed Elimrani has commented

      mohamed 6 the best king

      7 months ago | Reply

    • Fatima Ifssate has commented

      I can not rank all of these becauce i have no idea about some of them. based on my experience as student in the university or lecturer has worked in one of these university, i can rank them. however, i would like to know if there is a possibility to add other schools? if yes how can i add them?

      7 months ago | Reply

      • Farah have commented

        Hi Fatima. Normally you can add candidates in every rank. However, the owner of this rank decided to make it private and there is no possibility to make any change. You can create your own ranking though!

        7 months ago

    • Hbib Sami has commented

      mohamed 6

      7 months ago | Reply


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