¿Cuál es la mejor canción de la serie Breaking Bad?

Esta serie no tiene una banda sonora muy extensa, pero por eso mismo cada tema que incluyen en la trama se escoge con mucho cuidado y así les queda una soundtrack muy crema. ¿Tu qué opinas?

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  2. America - A horse with no name

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    Walter White is a chemistry teacher in an Albequerque high school, New Mexico. He is diagnosed with

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    Stage III cancer with just two years left. Worring that he will leave his pregnant wife and handicapped son without a financial security, he decides he has to do whatever it takes to make money.
    White enters the drug's career by creating and selling the world's finest crystal methamphetamine with one of his former students, Jesse. Soon, his status rises in the drug world, consequently Walt turns into a dangerous criminal.

    Breaking Bad is an American crime drama tv show created and produced by Vince Gilligan in 2008. The season finale was aired on September 29, 2013. The show has gained ten 'Primetime Emmy Awards', three consecutive awards for 'Outstanding Lead Actor' for Bryan Cranston (2008–2010), two wins for 'Outstanding Supporting Actor' for Aaron Paul (2010, 2012), among others.

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