Best dialogue deliverer in bollywood(male)?

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  1. Akshay Kumar

    290 points

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  2. Nasruddin shah

    185 points

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  3. 4
    Paresh Rawal

    Paresh Rawal

    98 points
  4. Shah Rukh Khan

    50 points

    Original name: Shahrukh Khan
    Birth date: 1965-09-02
    Birth place: New Delhi, India
    Profession: Actor,

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    producer, television presenter

    Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular Indian actors, often called "King Khan". He belongs to Bollywood Industry, so he has participated in many succesful films like: 'Deewana', his film debut; 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' and 'Om Shanti Om'.

    He didn't always know that he wanted to pursuit acting career. When he was on school, he succeed on sports as he was captain of his football, hockey and cricket teams. However, he was injured playing football so he decided to become an actor. Before having his debut, he was honor student in Economics at Hansraj College and finished his masters in Mass Communications at Jamiya Miliya Islamia, a public central university.

    At firt, Khan began appearing in some tv shows during 1988-1990. Two years later, he was awarded with the prestigious Filmfare award for Best Debut Actor Male (1992).

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  5. 9
    amrish puri

    amrish puri

    16 points

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